One huge reason why spiritual therapy must be regulated

Spiritual therapy is as much part the human being as the human mind. For as long as we humans had minds, we knew about spirituality and our need for spiritual help, guidance and therapy.

Modern medicine grew from this root. Today, she is a spoiled little brat and deeply arrogant at that. She actually believes she is better than her siblings, that she stands alone and has no need for her family. And all of that happens in spite of how sick people are today, and how they are abused by bigPharma compared to some years ago before the little arrogant sister became so self-important.

There is always a burning need to regulate something when there is money to be made from doing so. As people increasingly walk away from the unethical medical care services, turning their backs on gauging doctors, veterinarians, dentists and psychologists, pneumatherapists will become all the more popular as it was a century-or-so ago.

Medical healers can, and do, mess up one’s life when they get things wrong. Every day they cut short the lives of millions of patients because of their arrogant errors. A life lost is a trauma, in most people’s books.

The spiritual therapist, however, works not with the temporary body of this life only; they work with the eternal body. Their mistakes, whether borne from arrogance or bad training, potentially impact several reincarnations. Their errors can stay with you for several lifetimes. Crossing paths with a charlatan spiritual therapist or teacher (or religions for that matter) can cost you several lifetimes of misery–not just this one lifetime as is the case with medical doctors.

One spiritual therapy regulator that is well respected the world over is IAP, the International Association of Pneumatology and one of their affiliated schools, School of Pneumatherapy. However, the safety of human souls lie not in the mechanisms of regulation. What we need is a return to ethics and a healthy fear of Karma, the big Judge in the sky. We need a healthy fear of the Judgement Day, when the Karmic computer will compute what our next incarnation should look like to help us work through the stupid and hurtful things we did in the past life.